Thursday, August 14, 2008

High Quality Commercial Office Space in Montreal

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If you're looking for office space on the island of Montreal, Quebec that is secure, in a great location looks professional and is affordable, then you came to the right place.

Early development low price!
  • $10/sqft pert year or $15/sqft per year depending on location chosen
  • equivalently this is $0.83/sqft per month or $1.25/sqft per month

Office/Commercial Space Details
Here's a few good points about our commercial building that may interest you:
  • located near autoroute 40 (easy to find - check address and map below)
  • flexible seperation - rent anywhere between 400 sqft. to 10,000!
  • has a sprinkler system
  • security cameras
  • controlled temperature (air conditioning and heating for the winter) included in price
  • have your own mailbox
  • electricity included in price
  • a huge elevator that is very useful if not on the first floor
  • a great parking lot
  • you are allowed 1 parking space per 400sqft you rent out
  • great price for early stage development
  • window views
  • optional store fronts
  • we have a giant sign stand where you can market your business
Examples and ideas of what can be done with our commercial space:
  • run a store
  • run a business that has a front door entrance that leads to a reception/store area and has warehouse/storage area in the back. Back storage area also has a garage for easy item shipment
  • run a small business
  • run a workshop
  • run a call center
  • whatever else you would need will most likely be acceptable
9590 Henri-Bourassa Est, Montreal, QC

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If you're interested in our commercial/office space. Send us an e-mail to